Wacky Wednesday

As if it wasn’t wacky enough around my house, Gage’s preschool had the theme of “Wacky Wednesday”.  The kids got to dress in any crazy way they wanted.  Gage was pretty impressed with his outfit of choice.




Baby Blue Eyes

Somehow Gage has always had this knack for taking amazingly good pictures.  When he was about two and a half years old, he took this absolutely gorgeous photo of Sophie, when she was about six months.  It just captured her in all of her sweetness.  Looks like he did it again.  Try as I might, I just feel like I can never quite get that perfect picture of Clara.  Okay, so this one isn’t perfect.  She is not smiling in this picture (nor does she have out the “happy tongue”), and the flash is just a bit too bright, BUT, I am absolutely in love with this picture that he took of her.  How did my babies get such pretty blue eyes?!



Gage had his first wrestling meet of the year today.  Wow, what a difference from last year.  I couldn’t believe that my 5 year-old actually (sort-of) knew what he was doing.  It was still mostly a lot of random rolling around (so cute!), but there were a few purposeful moves thrown in.

He showed a little bit of frustration when he didn’t win, but he sure is a determined little boy.  By the end of the last match, he was just exhausted.  The first thing he said when he was finished was, “Can I have a giant pretzel now?”  Maybe all that twisting around was sending him subliminal messages!

For us it was all for fun; wish I could say that about everyone involved.  Some of the coaches from other schools were pretty intense.  I felt sorry for the sweet little guys they were yelling at.  I just don’t understand how they could even stand being angry at these babies in singlets. 

Anywho, Gage had a great time!!  And I couldn’t have been prouder.




Half a Year

It hardly seems possible, but my baby girl is 6 months old already.  I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone.  She just gets sweeter and sweeter every day.  She is such an angel, and her big brother and sister just adore her.




There was a little girl, who had a little curl…

As we all know, Miss Sophie has some of the finest, straightest hair around.  After having a little boy with the sweetest head of curly hair, this lack of hair on my daughters’ head has been a sorce of frustration! 🙂  So, after a few failed attempts with the curling iron (not to metnion one little burn on an ear); we have finally found the answer:  Rag Rolling!

Who knew a ripped-up pillow case would provide us with such beautiful curls?  The trial run gave us slightly more of an afro look than what we were going for, but Mommy is definately getting better.  Sophie LOVES her curly hair, and now I can read the instructions on her dance recital sheet, “hair in curly ponytail” without having a panic attack.  Problem solved!



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